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We believe in building strong relationships rooted in reciprocity and trust with every person in our supply chain.



At Maggie Marilyn, we are committed to revolutionising the fashion industry.

We are here to do things differently. We aim to have a regenerative impact on the environment, and ensure the health and well being of every person involved in our supply chain.

We feel passionately about supporting our manufacturers and ask all of our manufacturers to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct.

First tier manufacturers

  • Albion Clothing Limited opened it's doors in the late 1970's. At this time, New Zealand manufacture was booming and technology and innovation had started to transform the garment industry.

    Albion's founder, George Steele, always had an eye for quality. He sensed an opportunity to focus on garments made well, great relationships and a continued investment in the best technology, not just the latest technology. Since Albion's inception, they have continued to clothe the New Zealand Police / Fire Service, the Defence Force and many other important Government organisations around the world.

    In 2019, Cactus Outdoor, one of Albion's longest-standing customers, bought Albion Clothing and together they look forward to the decades ahead.

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct here.
  • Located in Morningside, Auckland, Avenue have been working with Maggie Marilyn since we begun. Founded by Noelene Slaughter, Avenue began as a one woman sampling business run from Noelene's home.

    This small set up grew quickly, from sampling to small production orders. After just six months Noelene moved Avenue into an office space and began growing the team.

    In 2017 with a team of eight and a wonderful reputation as a boutique manufacturer in Auckland, Noelene sold Avenue to Steve Greer, who now runs the team, and with whom we work with very closely.

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct here
  • Easy Fashions was established in 1995 and have been in this business for over 24 years. In this time they have done business mostly with New Zealand brands.

    As a sewing factory, they have also helped some young designers to participate in New Zealand fashion shows.

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct here.
  • Najie Clothing was established over 30 years ago specialising in the manufacture and supply of quality woven garments including shirts, blouses, skirts, ladies tops and dresses.

    Based in Hamilton, they own a 640 sq/mt premises having both manufacturing and warehousing with a modern layout and well equipped plant.

    At the heart of their operation is a dedicated and skilled team of 12 people, many of whom have served over 20 years for the company.

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct here
  • Our factory in Pakistan, Rajby, has exemplary environmental practices. Rajby is the only Cradle 2 Cradle Platinum (C2CPII) certified denim supplier, meaning they:

    • Eliminate the concept of waste through recycling or composting
    • Use only clean, renewable energy
    • Protect water as a vital and precious resource through exceptional water stewardship - they use a Zero Discharge Finish (ZDF) which does not discharge any waste water and saves 5 gallons of water per meter in production.
    • Only use materials that are safe for humans and the environment - organic cotton and biodegradable elastane
    • Have a positive impact on their community

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct here
  • Employing over 30 staff members, Seabreeze Apparel specialise in jersey fabrics and fabric screen printing. Established in 1984, Seabreeze Apparel provide a full CMT service in Silverdale, from cutting the garment to the manufacturing and trimming.

    Seabreeze are committed to paying all of their staff above minimum wage and are working towards a three year goal for all employees to be earning at least the New Zealand living wage, with highly skilled makers earning above this rate.

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct here
  • Stitch Perfect was established in 1987 and has been owned by Fraser Wood since 2016. With Fraser's experienced and dedicated staff Stitch Perfect takes great pride in the quality of the work they put out the door. They find it especially rewarding to work with and help new designers from the outset.

    See their signed Supplier Code Of Conduct here


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